Ryhthm Lesson

Level 1: you will get acquainted with the note shapes: Whole Note, Half Note, Quarter Note, Eighth Note, dotted. Just focus on making individual bars. Get everything should be simple. Don’t combine multiple bars, it will increase the difficulty a lot and you will get bored easily when learning music.

Level 2: At least you need to complete this level. It includes the note shapes at level 1 and combined with Sixteenth Note. This is the most difficult step for you to learn rhythms.

Suggestions on how to learn rhythms for you:
– Draw the bars by hand on paper, then sign how you represent the beats.
– Read notes by mouth and tap the beat by hand.
– Next, you switch to reading notes with your MOUTH and tapping the beat with your feet.
– If you have mastered the above steps, then you will start using your hands to play and tap the beat with yo