Tool and software learning music for kids

App: Synthesia

Tool: Midi Controllers 32 Keys

This is a way to help your child enjoy learning the Piano from a young age (3 years old and up).

You use music software (specifically in the video below is the Synthesia application), the software functions as a virtual keyboard, your baby will discover and become familiar with the structure of the keyboard.

Instead of playing games or watching youtube, children will use ipads to play music-related games, but parents need to control it in moderation to protect their eyes.

Connect the software to a device called Midi Controller, there are many types, you can refer to the following link.

However, I would like to advise you to buy the Midi Controller that suits your needs:
– If your child is from 3 years old, please refer to the compact Midi Controller series, easy to carry.
– If your child is 5 years old or older, buy bigger, bigger keys.

I will explain in detail how to prepare the software and tools for connection in another article. (please refer here….)

Please watch the video below on how to teach children how to use music software and midi controller to learn piano.